Getting You Started and Reconnected

  • Do you want to get back on track and find some daily inspiration?
  • Have you made the decision to work towards your dream future and are you searching for inspiration to get you started?
  • Are you in need of short bursts of daily motivation?
We can all do with a little inspiration each day and gain affirmation that we are on track. I ran an inspirational video session for 28 days to help people get started on their journey of transformation. The videos were such a success that I have put together a downloadable programme to offer anyone who wants to get started with a journey of transformation a safe space to start their journey.

How It Works

Begin your day with a 90 second to 2-minute inspirational video. Listen to the message, notice the quote of the day and answer the question in your Thought Diary.

Begin by downloading your 28 day Thought Diary [link] where you have space to note the daily quote, question, message and, most importantly, your thoughts for the day or actions.

Each day you will have access to a new inspirational video with a different theme. The exercise that accompanies each daily video is simple, straightforward, fun and thought provoking.

What You Will Learn

By watching the 28 inspirational videos and completing the daily exercises, you will:

  1. Raise your self-awareness and begin to make daily shifts
  2. Recognise the behaviours or actions that work for you
  3. Identify your current mindset towards yourself and your life
  4. Discover any changes you wish to make
  5. Be inspired and more conscious of your day to day thoughts and actions

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