Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal

  • Are you searching for a community of like-minded people seeking to achieve, build leadership confidence and progress in their personal and professional lives?
  • Are you an entrepreneur woman who wants to be part of a group that encourages growth mindset, builds support and confidence, and provides business coaching or one-on-one mentorship?

Continue to develop and grow your leadership skills with monthly online workshops and group coaching sessions, and have access to exclusive resources to help you continue to grow and build your personal and professional life. Grow in confidence and feel supported and empowered to be the woman you know you have the potential to be.

Who is this for?

A monthly membership programme is for women in business who cannot afford to take a full day away from business to attend a training course or feel that it is too expensive to engage in a full Coaching programme.

Your monthly membership grants you access to an empowerment Coach as well as a supportive, engaging and positive community of like-minded women working in their own business, brought together by their common desire to:

  • connect with like-minded professional woman
  • reconnect with themselves and realise their purpose
  • create and nurture a mindset of success
  • continue to develop themselves and their leadership skills
  • access one-on-one Coaching to support them throughout their professional journey

What does it include?

A monthly membership brings everyone together and includes:

  • Access to all my programmes at a reduced cost
  • One free 1-2-1 Coaching Session (60 minutes) in the first 3 months of your membership
  • 50% discount on future 1-2-1 coaching sessions
  • Monthly Virtual Group Coaching session of up to 8 people per session
  • Themed Monthly Virtual Leadership & Success Mindset Development sessions
  • Examples of monthly themes are:
    • Create successful working habits
    • The importance of Emotional Intelligence
    • How to get better results from your team through coaching skills
    • Know your values and discover more about what you stand for
    • Find your purpose
    • Build your personal brand
    • Becoming more resilient

The Benefits of Joining Today

By joining the monthly membership club, you will benefit from:

  • Shared business development and leadership ideas
  • Belonging to a community of women in business
  • Access to the latest leadership and personal development knowledge
  • No travel time wasted, so you can continue to work on your business
  • Leadership development knowledge at a fraction of the cost
  • Regular group Coaching sessions to keep you on track
  • Access to 1-2-1 Coaching or Mentoring at a reduced cost

You will also be welcomed into a supportive, private Community Group where you can access additional information, ask questions and connect with Ingrid for further guidance

How Do I Become a Member?